WWII Workshop

for primary schools

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Lady Penelope Bug and her Housekeeper, Dorothy Doodle, present an entertaining, interactive show for KS1 and KS2 which gives an insight into life in London during WWII.

The children are given the opportunity to learn  about evacuation, gas masks, the blitz, morale, salvage, the blackout, rations and war work.  This is all done with the use of props, song and witty dialogue, plus a question and answer session at the end.   It is a visual, interactive and hands on experience for the children who are encouraged to think about certain aspects of life during WWII and are given the opportunity to handle props and answer questions.

The show is adapted according to each area of London to allow for a little local knowledge with regard to events of WWII.

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'I really liked the gas masks' 
Lettie Cook Year 6 Belleville Primary School 

'Mrs Doodle was very funny'
Chloe Harris Year 6 Belleville Primary School

'Marvellous. Really enhanced the WWII Curriculum. The children were entranced' 
Sarah Atherton Deputy Head Belleville Primary School

'I liked the bit when we sang'Article Image
Milo Brennan Lauriston Primary School

''It was educational'
Max Beadneall Lauriston Primary School


Price negotiable.
Take a look at our videos to get a feel for the style of our performances