Literacy Workshop

Doodle and Bug make writing exciting!

Article ImageDoodle and Bug’s literacy workshop - ‘Doodle and Bug make writing exciting!’ is a carefully structured one hour and ten minutes in which the children are encouraged to create their own stories using the visual stimulation of words and props.

This workshop helps to develop language skills, especially speaking and listening, through both individual and group games. It increases the children's confidence through articulating and sharing their stories and ideas and is a great basis for follow up work in school.Article Image

They also learn about rhyming, punning and alliteration with the use of poetry, are encouraged to think about fictional characters and of course in the Doodle and Bug tradition we all sing!

'It's the most invigorated and excited I've seen my children about writing - I now find them writing by themselves.'
Davina Belleville Primary parentArticle Image

'I have a speech and language group and have got some good ideas!'
Sue Collins Year 3 teacher Downsview Primary

'I noted the lower ability and EAL children being really engaged'  Deborah Myers Downsview Primary Teacher